From the recording Livin' the Dream

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She’s Coming This Way
by Trey Hirsh
© copyright 2/1/2013 Trey Hirsh, All Rights Reserved

She caught me by surprise
When I found those sweet blue eyes
Staring ‘cross the room right back at me
Standing here like a fool
By the bar, trying hard to keep it cool
And just act naturally
But now I feel myself running right out of breath
I sip a little whiskey to drown the pounding in my chest

As she’s coming this way I don’t know what to do
Need something to say aside from “Hey I could fall for you”
I gotta’ get this right
I’ll remember this day
The way she’s lookin tonight
As she’s coming this way.
Woh she’s coming this way.

I knew I had played it right
When those church doors opened wide
And she was standing there
Now I can’t help but smile
At this angel in the aisle
I guess someone heard my prayer
I always thought this moment would scare me half to death
But I’m getting more choked up with every little single step.

As she’s coming this way
With something borrowed, something blue
I know what I’m gonna say; “I love you” and “I do”
Everything feels right, I’ll remember this day
Love how she looks in white
As she’s coming this way.
Yea she’s coming this way.


And now every day I can’t wait to come home
‘Cause now we’ve got a little angel of our own

As she’s coming this way
I’m looking forward to
The day when she learns to say
“Hey daddy, I love you”
I’m gonna’ do this right
Make everything okay
Another light of my life
And she’s coming this way.

She’s coming this way.
She’s coming this way.